Your team behind the scenes



An advertising veteran with over 20 years of experience, Frank has worked around the world from Germany and London, to New York City and LA with highly respected ad agencies including MAL and 180LA. As a strategy and planning expert, he’s respected for his creative thinking and drive to find better solutions, which he’s done for prestigious brands such as Nike and Apple. He gave up his day time job as SVP of Strategic Planning at INNOCEAN USA to turn SIFTLY from his side hustle to his main hustle back in summer 2017.

Why Siftly? As a manager and candidate, Frank saw how the hiring process is broken. It’s slow for the industry and doesn’t connect the right people to the right jobs.

His goal was to create a simple solution that would streamline the hiring process to overcome the challenges of current online job search boards. By creating a smarter matching service and gathering the largest talent base in advertising and the larger marketing service industry, he envisioned Siftly as the ‘one and done’ solution that would stop emails about irrelevant job leads, and make checking job boards a thing of the past.

Welcome to Frank’s vision and solution – Siftly.


  • Evy Perez

    Evy Perez Managing Director, Client Services

    Evy runs the day-to-day operations for our Client Services division across any agency type.


  • Christine Hays Senior Vice President, Human Resources @ Wunderman

    As an agency HR/talent acquisition veteran, Christine ensures our service meets the needs of in-house recruiters.

  • Josh Forstot Director of Innovation & Strategy @ Taco Truck Creative

    As our creative technologist, Josh assures our technology is cutting edge and seamless.

  • Josh Mallamud Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Development Advisor

    As our Board Advisor, Josh advises the founder on SIFTLY's business operations, expansion and fundraising strategy.

  • Katrin Tenhaaf Brand Leader

    As international client services leader for fortune 500 companies, Katrin advises us on our account management division to make it most useful for our talent in client services.



    As our Media Co-Founder, Andy provides strategic advice to our media division to become the most specialized matching platform for talent in media agencies and media departments.

  • Jon Bond

    Jon Bond Senior Marketing & Strategic Business Advisor

    Jon Bond is one of the advertising/marketing industry's most accomplished thought leaders, having co-founded Kirshenbaum Bond, and later serving as CEO of Big Fuel social media.
    Jon serves as SIFTLY’s value accelerator, helping to achieve the company’s ambitions as our senior marketing and strategic business advisor.


  • Claudie Flanders

    Claudie Flanders Media Recruiter

    As our Media Recruiter, Claudie recruits media professionals for all roles to build the largest and best talent pool for our media division.

  • Isern Palaus Web Developer

    As our Backend Developer, Isern handles the nuts and bolts of the platform.

  • Asif Rehman

    Asif Rehman Lead Talent Sourcer

    As Lead Talent Sourcer, Asif coaches our group of talent sourcers while at the same time being in charge of sourcing candidates in Client Services and Project Management.