Frequently Asked Questions

Big Picture

Siftly was created for advertising people by advertising people to re-imagine the antiquated recruiting process and create a service that is faster, smarter and cheaper.
For talent, Siftly is free.
For recruiters, Siftly is risk-free. We’ll only charge a flat fee of $300 (per post) if we deliver at least three (up to 30) qualified, interested candidates within three days of posting a job.
On top of it, we offer a ‘no questions asked money back guarantee’ and refund you 100% should you not be 100% happy.
Not a Strategist? Join Siftly today anyway and be eligible for jobs when we sift for your department. Account Management and Media talent—we’re aiming to sift for you beginning 2016.
We’re currently matching talent in the U.S. and plan to expand to the U.K. soon. Want to help bring Siftly to your country? We’re looking for well-connected partners who want to help us reinvent recruiting. Reach us at
Ideally candidates would always know which agency has what opportunity, but sometimes confidentiality is required. External recruiters may need to protect their agency clients from cold calls and unqualified candidates. Internal recruiters may prefer to keep unannounced client partnerships private.

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For Talent

We’ll share it only after you reply to a job alert and opt-in to be shortlisted, and only with the person who posted the job.
No. We never submit resumes without permission. When you receive a job alert in your inbox, it’s up to you to opt-in by replying with your latest resume.
No. After signing up, replying to job alerts with your resume is the ONLY thing necessary to be shortlisted.
We’ll email each time a job fits your matching criteria. Be sure to add to your contacts, so emails don’t end up in junk mail. To review and track each job we’ve matched you to, check your account profile.
If you’re not receiving leads, take another look at your matching criteria. Have you listed all of your category experience? Are there other cities you’d be willing to work in? Is your salary range too ambitious or too narrow? Be careful not to limit yourself.
After you opt-in to a match by replying with your resume, we’ll forward your info to the person who posted the job. Then it’s up to them to give you a shout. In the meantime, prepare to make a great first impression. Brush up your resume, update Linkedin profile and broadcast links to work you can share. Good luck!
You must reply with an resume within 72 hours of the job alert. Reply quickly—we limit each shortlist to 30 candidates. First come, first served.
No, but not because we don’t think you’re great. Truth is, hiring managers don’t have time to wait on the visa process, and many agencies don’t support it at all, regardless of how awesome you are. Please do join Siftly as soon as you’ve won the green card lottery and secured a work visa, or let us know when we can congratulate you on your marriage to a U.S. citizen.

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For Recruiters

We designed Siftly to streamline the most common searches, so 9/10 times Siftly is the superior way to source talent. If you’re looking to fill a role with qualifications beyond our matching criteria, if your search is highly confidential, or if the role is very senior, we recommend an external recruiter. Human touch is vital in these cases.
Yes! By streamlining the search phase of the hiring process, we enable external recruiters to quickly and easily find candidates outside their current network, ultimately providing more interested and qualified candidates to their clients.
Yes, it’s mandatory. We believe every role deserves a job description so that candidates can know if they are interested before opting-in to be shortlisted.
After we sift for candidates that fit your matching criteria, we’ll email a list of qualified, interested folks. Use an address that you check frequently. To ensure your shortlist doesn’t end up in your junk folder, add to your contacts. To check the status of your job postings, check your profile.
Siftly was developed to connect recruiters with only qualified, interested talent. If you aren’t receiving matches, perhaps your criteria are too limiting. Take another look: Is the salary range competitive? Is your required category experience too strict? Consider accepting less experience in order to discover the next rockstar. If you’ve posted a confidential search, consider revealing the agency’s name.
We cap the total number to deter folks from abusing access to our candidate pool. If the first round of candidates doesn’t lead to a hire, hit us up at, and we’ll gladly generate another shortlist for the position.
72 hours after you posted the job. It’ll include each candidate’s contact information and resume. The candidates are ordered by distance from the job location.
Never. To avoid filling your inbox with an avalanche of emails, we keep your info confidential – under all circumstances.

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