How Siftly Works
for Talent

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Complete your profile by setting 6 simple filters including role, experience, desired salary and location.

Get blind-matched

We’ll use your preferences to blind match you to relevant jobs in our database.

Get personal job alerts

We’ll send you a job alerts every time we find a job that matches your preferences.

Get shortlisted

After you opt in and get discovered, it’s up to the recruiter to follow up with you directly.

How Siftly Works (For Recruiters)

How Siftly Works
for Clients

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Post a search with a job description. Select from our 6 simple filters including role, required years and category experience, salary range and location.

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We will generate a shortlist of 3 to 30 qualified and interested candidates based on your requirements within 3 days.

We keep paid searches open for 30 candidates/days - whatever comes first.

Save time & hire faster

No more wasting time sifting through irrelevant resumes.

Get more candidates faster and fill open positions sooner.

Success based flat fee

We charge a simple flat fee of $300 per post.
No commissions.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How Siftly Works (For Recruiters)